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Mr Justice Peart then went on to say that another matter for consideration was whether the fact that the respondent planning authority, as is admitted by it, failed to inspect the site within that five-week period in order to satisfy itself that a site notice was duly erected and maintained, is a breach of any obligation upon it under the Act and Regulations which is sufficient to render the decision to grant permission invalid, especially in light of the allegation that no site notice was erected and maintained in position.

Mr Justice Peart then went through the factual background to the case.

State law requirements for mental capacity may vary, but typically the law requires the settlor to have reached the state's majority age (usually 18), and to be capable of knowing and understanding what he is doing with his property.

Because a trust is essentially a contract, the settlor must also meet any additional state-specific requirements for mental capacity to create a contract.

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But sometimes merchants may attempt to void a warranty for reasons that are strictly prohibited by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law governing most consumer purchases in the U. While the federal act establishes a groundwork for U. consumers, state laws add another layer and often more protections for consumers.The settlor must transfer actual legal property to create the trust; the trust property may not be vaguely defined or nonexistent.Lastly, the trust must have at least one individual, known as a beneficiary, who will have the right to receive the benefits of the trust property.If no inspection is carried out within the five week period then the decision subsequently contains a legal infirmity and must be quashed since there has been no compliance with the provisions of section 34(1) of the 2000 Act.Mr Justice Peart commenced his judgment by stating that the application before him was for an order of certiorari in respect of a decision to grant permission for the erection of two houses on a site in Ticknock Lane near Arklow, Co Wicklow, He stated that at the heart of the matter was whether or not there was a site notice erected and duly maintained at the site in accordance with the requirements of Article 17(1)(b), 19 and 20 of the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001, and that was a purely factual matter.