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I told her about my current three year trip across the world, of my upcoming adventures in Pakistan, my plan to sail a raft along The Philippines and Indonesia to Papua New Guinea.Minutes slipped into hours and, before I knew it, the day was night.No word yet on what the punishments are actually going to be, but based on Iranian legal precedents it’s not looking good.The system is so religiously conservative that, if accused of multiple extramarital affairs, a person can be stoned to death.

Luckily, thanks to the amazing community on a well-known hospitality website (also illegal in Iran), we were rescued by some locals who let us crash in their sitting room whilst we came up with a plan.We snacked on pistachios, offered to us by our chatterbox driver and began the long journey south, switching rides often and passing towering snow-clad peaks, lush forests, scorched wastelands and rocky outcrops…Biological sex: the biological classification of bodies as male or female based on factors including external sex organs, internal sexual and reproductive organs, hormones, or chromosomes.In January, the director and screenwriter could add a second Golden Globe to his wins with his sixth film, The Past.Like , Farhadi’s latest is a small masterpiece of psychological suspense.