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NET assemblies that you can use to work with XML, and how to work with the . One study puts the potential market for new software based on XML at or near 0 billion over the next five years. NET Framework gives you a way to become a part of it. NET effectively, you need to understand how these two technologies work together.As the Walk function executes, it returns (yields) the XML nodes one by one to the caller who iterates over the generator. Tutorial Summary In this tutorial you performed the following exercises.XML概念 Root XML根节点,只能且必须有一个(以上为Link Library) Element 节点元素(如Link) Attribute 节点属性(如Cat, Url, Desc) Content 内容(非空白文本、CDATA、Element、End Element、Entity Reference 或 End Entity)节点 System. Create("2books.xml")) 挖到子节点 using (Xml Reader reader = Xml Reader. Write Start Document(); //预处理指示(Write the Processing Instruction node.) String PItext="type='text/xsl' href='book.xsl'"; writer. Close(); //Load the file into an Xml Document to ensure well formed XML. Blocks of code are used for function and class definitions as well as 'if' statements and loops. * * You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software. If you check the property "Show Miscellaneous Files in the Solution Explorer", then you will get a list of the files you are editing.Define the "add" function (note, you need to enter spaces before the 'return' statement): ['Perform Module Reload', '__name__', '__stderr__', '__stdin__', '__stdout__', '_getframe', 'api_version', 'argv', 'builtin_module_names', 'byteorder', 'copyright', 'displayhook', 'exc_clear', 'exc_info', 'exc_traceback', 'exc_type', 'exc_value', 'excepthook', 'exec_prefix', 'executable', 'exit', 'getcheckinterval', 'getdefaultencoding', 'getfilesystemencoding', 'getrecursionlimit', 'hexversion', 'maxint', 'maxunicode', 'meta_path', 'modules', 'path', 'path_hooks', 'path_importer_cache', 'platform', 'prefix', 'ps1', 'setcheckinterval', 'setdefaultencoding', 'setrecursionlimit', 'settrace', 'stderr', 'stdin', 'stdout', 'version', 'version_info', 'warnoptions', 'winver'] The power of Iron Python lies within the ability to seamlessly access the wealth of . * * * *************************************************************************** Puzzle None Saved Games None Game None caption Seattle (default game) type a y 714 x 327 level 11 dimension 3 Game None caption New York type r y 1538 x 1205 level 12 dimension 3 Game None caption World type h y 0 x 0 level 2 dimension 4 Game None caption North America type a x 2 y 5 level 4 dimension 3 Top Left Preview Tile None x -3 y -3 dimension 3 level 5 Cache None allow true The Walk function is a generator (a Python function that contains a "yield" statement). Each time you open this solution again at a later time, you will see all the files you developed while using this solution file.