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Natalia was predeceased by her parents, her sister Elena Mingazova and her husband Dmitri Afanassiev.

Leaving to mourn are her son Iakov Afanassiev; daughter-in-law Stephanie Curnoe; grandchildren Anton, Jordana, and Portia; and several nieces and nephews in Russia.

The re-enactment of the passion of Jesus Christ draws thousands of tourists to the Pampanga region, 80 km (50 miles) north of the capital, to watch barefoot penitents flagellate themselves and a series of crucifixions on an artificial hill.

Ruben Enaje, 52, portraying Jesus Christ for the 27th time, hangs on a cross beside two other Christians portraying Dismas and Gestas, after he was nailed to the cross in San Pedro Cutud town, Pampanga province, north of Manila Archbishop Paciano Aniceto said the gory practice was a distortion of Christ's teachings of love and selfless service.

Passed away peacefully after a short illness on Sunday, June 18, 2017 in Saint Luke’s Homes in St. Born in Kharkov, USSR in August 1923, Natalia was the oldest daughter of Tatiana Malysheva (nee Shtareva) and Sergey Malyshev.

Another bishop said people had to understand the folk Catholicism widely practiced in the Philippines, which has the largest Christian population in Asia.

About 80 percent of its 96 million people are Catholic.'Two years ago, I said it would be the last time I'd do it. I guess God wants me to continue this sacrifice as a lifetime vow,' he said before taking up a 50 kg (110 lb) cross and heading to the crucifixion site.

Throngs of pilgrims walked a traditional Good Friday procession that retraces Jesus' steps along the Via Dolorosa, Latin for the 'Way of Suffering.' They followed his 14 stations, saying a prayer at each and ending at the ancient Holy Sepulcher church.

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