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Until 1870, the town's name was spelt Tunbridge, as shown on old maps including the 1871 Ordnance Survey map and contemporary issues of the Bradshaw railway guide.In 1870, this was changed to Tonbridge by the GPO son of the murdered guardian of William the Conqueror in his infancy.This decision caused a High Court Challenge by rival bidder A-Ten FM, with the chairman claiming "Ofcom have failed in their principal duty to encourage competition and diversity of choice for listeners.They have ignored what Parliament intended and more importantly what the people of Ashford wanted.

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There has been a settlement in this location since the Mesolithic era.The licence was awarded to an organisation called LARK FM (Local Ashford Radio Kent) in which the KM Group had a majority stake, with the station broadcasting under the KMFM brand already used by five other stations in Kent.KMFM Ashford officially launched on 3 October 2005.Richard was responsible for governing England in William I's many absences.The town was besieged by William Rufus, soon after his accession to the throne, because the Earl had pledged allegiance to William's brother, Robert.